Alright, so FOX recently delivered the brand new, official spoiler goodies for their upcoming 5th episode of the show's second season. I just got through reading them, and they sound like they will feature some more interesting and high drama stuff as Chanel tries to gather up new recruits to do all her work. A new sickness causes a lot of madness to go down, and more!

Episode 5 has a pretty cool title

To kick things off, FOX gave this episode the title of: "Chanel Pour Homme-icide." I like this title, because it just falls in line with how wild and crazy this show is.

Dean Munch gets the police involved

It turns out that we're going to see the recent events of Halloween, have such a damning effect that it will force Dean Munch to get the cops involved by reporting the murderous activity that has taken place at the C.U.R.E.

Institute. This will shockingly cause a ton of new patients to flood into the place.

Chanel seeks to recruit new pledges to do all her work

Next, we learn that we'll see Chanel, come up with another one of her crooked plans. It will involve recruiting the new patients to join her silly Chanel group, so she can get them to do a whole bunch work for her. Yep, that's definitely Chanel, and Emma Roberts plays her quite well.

Zayday and Chanel #5 track down a person from the past

In the meantime, we're going to see Chanel #5 and Zaydayteam up to pay a visit to someone that has ties to the history of the hospital. Then last, but most certainly not least, we're going to see the hospital staff go pretty mad from a new sickness that's introduced by one of the new patients.

Episode 5 isn't scheduled to air until November 1st

It turns out that we're going to have to wait two weeks, at the very minimum, to see this episode due to the "2016 MLB Baseball World Series" that's going on at the moment. Right now, episode 5 is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, November 1st, 2016 at 8pm Central time on FOX.

Episode 5 might not air on November 1st, either

However, the editor did note in the press release, that if the "World Series" goes into a game 6, "scream queens," will be preempted, and local programming will air in primetime on the West Coast. Basically, that means that the show will air at a later time.

However, it might not air that night, given how long baseball games can last. So, we'll just have to hope one of these teams can hurry up and crush the other team. Stay tuned.

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