Alright, "Quantico" fans. It's time to brace yourselves for some pretty bad news that's happening tonight. It turns out that ABC is setting the new, 3rd episode of "Quantico's" second season to the side tonight, to make sure they air coverage of the major, second presidential debate which is set to take place at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. It will, of course, be featuring the Democratic nominee: Hilary Clinton and the Republican nominee: Donald Trump.

There still might be something very interesting to watch on ABC tonight

You guys might actually still want to tune in to ABC for this as Trump is expected to have to deal with some heavy questions about the video that recently came out, featuring him serving some very unspeakable comments about women that have drawn extreme backlash from both his non-supporters and people that did support him before it came out.

Episode 3 is definitely scheduled to air next week, October 16th

On a much brighter note for you guys, we can tell you that "Quantico" will back in the ABC primetime line up, next week, with episode 3, titled " Stescalade," on Sunday night, October 16th, 2016 at 9pm central time, so make sure you pencil that in on your TV calendars.

ABC revealed official spoiler intel for episode 3.

Alex tries to infiltrate a dangerous terrorist group in episode 3

In addition to that, ABC did deliver the official press release for episode 3, which features the synopsis/description for it. So, it turns out that we're going to see a future tense scene that shows Alex going deep undercover in a very dangerous situation that has her infiltrating a terrorist organization that is keeping a whole bunch of people hostage.

Alex gets very shocked in episode 3

While there, Alex is going to get extremely startled to see someone that she recognizes! They're also going to show a past tense scene, featuring the new CIA recruits, keeping up their training at The Farm, which is heavily focused on assessment.

So, episode 3 sounds like it'll offer up some very intense action when Alex goes undercover. It should be quite suspenseful too.

However, again, you'll have to hold on to your excitement until next week, because every major network is covering the big presidential debate tonight. Stay tuned.

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