Alright, guys. So, we finally got this first teaser movie trailer (below) in from Walt Disney Pictures for their upcoming action/adventure flick, "pirates of the caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales," and let me just tell you to brace yourselves for lots of sword fighting. Heck, mostly just sword fighting. We also see some fire thrown into the mix to spice things up, along with a very ugly Captain Salazar.

Deadly ghost pirates attack soldiers

The trailer starts off, giving us a very captivating look at one of the nice ships, sailing the high seas.

Then it gives us a look at the dark mountain scenery. From there, things start to get really dark, giving us a look at a very foggy night and soldiers getting attacked by deadly ghost pirates while onboard a ship.

This isn't a gentle attack, either, to say the very least. These pirates go right for the jugular, straight up stabbing the hell out these soldiers, resulting in just a very grim, all-out war that's filled with swords swinging and fires getting lit for most of the duration of the trailer.

Captain Salazar shows up on the scene with a request

Then, at about the 0:59 point, we see the ugly-as-sin, Captain Salazar, stick his sword through a wanted sign for Captain Jack Sparrow. Then asks a new kid on the scene, named Henry, if he knows Sparrow. Henry replies by telling Salazar that he only knows Sparrow by name. That doesn't seem to matter to Salazar as he tells Henry that he wants him to give Sparrow a very harsh message.

The message is that death is coming straight for him.

The trailer closes out at that point. We're guessing Henry agrees to give Jack Sparrow the message.

Things get worse for Jack Sparrow

According to the film's official plot summary, we're going to see Johnny Depp return as Captain Jack Sparrow, who is going through some really tough times at the moment. Things will only get worse when he finds out that deadly ghost pirates, which are being led by his old arch nemesis, Captain Salazar, have escaped from the Devil's Triangle, looking to kill every pirate they can find, including Jack!

Jack must find a powerful artifact to save his life

The only hope that Jack will have in defeating Salazar, is to get his hands on the legendary Trident of Poseidon, which is a powerful artifact that gives its holder total control over the seas. Check it out when it arrives in theaters on May 26th, 2017. Stay tuned.

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