CBS recently uploaded the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming 5th episode of their hit drama: "NCIS: Los Angeles'" 8th season. I just got through watching it, and it certainly shows a lot more interesting details that the official press release I posted a couple days ago, didn't cover. We see some highly dramatic and interesting scenes take place as Callen flirts it up, hard, with his very attractive partner from the past. Some major screaming action takes place after a wicked shooting, and more!

A photographer and model take a few pictures

Episode 8 is labeled, "Ghost Gun." I like that title. It just sounds very unique and interesting. The clip starts out with a guy, who appears to be a photographer, in the midst of taking snap shots of some chick, who I'm guessing, is a model. We'll just say, she's a model.

A photographer gets brutally murdered at gun point

A few seconds after that, the photographer is spotted, getting brutally killed at point blank range when some crazy person, shows up and shoots him!

This, of course, causes the model chick to scream at the top of her lungs in absolute fear and shock! I don't blame her.

Callen and Anna flirt it up

From there, the clip reveals that crime is on the rise. Then we're taken to scenes of Callen, reuniting with an agent from his past. The press release reveals that she is returning character, Anna Kolcheck (played by actress: Bar Paly). They immediately start flirting like nobody's business.

Anna gets herself in deadly trouble

Next, we see some intense footage of Anna, getting herself into some major danger as she's spotted in a situation where she's held up at gun point while Callen yells out her name. Apparently, the two of them are working a case, but things definitely turn south on them. After that scene, the clip shows a flurry of action scenes that mostly features some heavy shootout action that's taking place.

Deeks rushes to Kensi's bedside

Then last, but definitely not least, Deeks is seen, getting called to rush to Kensi's hospital bedside, right away! It looks pretty serious too as Deeks is seen, saying, he just can't do it!

They definitely packed a lot of action and suspense into that little promo. Be sure to check it out, below. Episode 5 is scheduled to air this Sunday night, October 23rd, 2016 at 7pm Central time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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