Alright, "NCIS: Los Angeles" peeps. CBS has served up an official press release for their upcoming "NCIS: Los Angeles'" 5th, new episode of its current 8th season. I've just gotten through reading them, and let me just say that you guys should be prepared to see some heavy action and really high intensity take place in this installment as the NCIS L.A. team gets sent all over they city for a hunt! A mole prompts Hetty and Sam into action, and more.

Episode 5 has a pretty interesting title

To start off this session, I'll give you guys the title for this episode.

It's called, "Ghost Gun," which sounds quite interesting.

The NCIS L.A. crew searches the whole city for evidence

It turns out that we're going to see the NCIS L.A. crew get prompted into major action when a navy machinist with high security clearance, turns up killed, and they'll end up having to run all around the city in an effort to collect the evidence they need.

Callen and Anna team up

Next, we learn that we're going to see Callen, teaming up with character, Anna Kolcheck (played by returning actress: Bar Paly), to get something done at some point.

The synopsis didn't reveal what they'll be up to, but hopefully, it'll be interesting.

Hetty and Sam try to hunt down a mole

Next, the synopsis concludes by revealing to us that an on-going investigation of a mole, will be the main focus for Hetty and Sam as Sam will be assisting her in the task.

Alright guys. So, that is all CBS would give up in their official synopsis. However, I'm sure the spoiler promo clip that they usually release after each episode airing, will reveal more visual intel for the episode.

So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Episode airs next week

You guys can expect to see episode 5 air, next week, Sunday night, October 23rd, 2016 at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time. For those of you who are on the west coast, the episode will air at 8pm Pacific Standard Time, so be sure to make note of that.

Episode 5 was written by Kyle Harimoto, and Benny Boom handled al the directorial duties.

Stay tuned.

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