Hey, "Jane the Virgin" fans. I'm here to welcome you guys to the new season 3 with a couple of official spoiler scoops for the upcoming 2nd episode of CW's hit show, "Jane The Virgin." I just got done reading them, and can say that we should be seeing quite a bit of drama and scandal take place as Rafael becomes the focus of Anezka's latest scheme. Jane and Rafael have it out with each other on how to raise Mateo, and more.

They keep giving us numbers for titles

To begin this little spoiler session, the show has decided to title this episode: "Chapter Forty-Six." They didn't decide to go any different this season either.

We're just going to keep getting these number episodes. More power to them. It seems to be working for them.

Rafael and Jane run into parenting drama

It turns out that we're going to see Rafael make a confession that he is over Jane. This will apparently put their co-parenting responsibilities to the test, and they will get into a big fight over which preschool they should have little Mateo attend.

Xo gets really paranoid

Next, they revealed that Xo is going to get all paranoid, thinking that Alba might become privy to her secret and what that might mean for their future relationship direction.

Rogelio tries to expand his TV career

From there, we learned that Rogelio will finally think he's ready to take on American TV jobs, especially after finding out that his main enemy is also attempting to make the same transition.

Anezka attempts to find negative stuff on Rafael

Then last, but most certainly not least, we're going to see Anezka get pretty scandalous, trying find out some new dirt that she can dig up on Rafael.

Anezka is also going to get into a surprising new romantic situation. Episode 2 was written by David S. Rosenthal & Paul Sciarrotta, and it was directed by Brad Silbering.

Hopefully, that'll be enough to tide you guys over until next week when I deliver the new, official spoiler goodies for episode 3!

Episode 2 will definitely air next week

Expect to see episode 2 air next Monday night, October 24th at 8pm Central time on The CW.

Stay tuned.

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