The people over at Columbia Pictures released their new action/sci-fi flick: "Inferno," into theaters yesterday, October 28th, 2016, and all the top movie critics in the business, have turned in their reviews for it over at the site. I got a chance to look at their comments, and it turns out that they were pretty mixed across the board. The site currently has the movie with an overall critic score of 44 out of a possible 100. 43 critics have reviewed the movie.

The movie stars: Ben Foster, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan, and Tom Hanks.

I've gone over some the critiques that some of the critics served up, below.

Mick Lasalle was pretty mixed about it

Mick Lasalle from the "San Francisco Chronicle", gave it an ok 75 grade. He was definitely mixed about it, saying that it was idiotic and brainless. Then he would come back and say that it was well-made and was able to keep audience's interest.

It had lots of good thrills

Bill Zwecker from the "Chicago Sun-Times," gave it a 75 grade. He called it an engaging thriller, and said that he really enjoyed watching it, so that sounds pretty positive.

However, that's not his full review; it's just one of the comments, taken from it. I'm pretty sure he had some other things to say about it.

It had lots of good twists

Simon Perry over at "Entertainment Weekly," also gave it a 75 score. He mentioned that it's not as good as one of the Jason Bourne films, but delivered some a good amount of twists to keep him intrigued.

It was forgettable

Ty Burr over at the "Boston Globe," gave it a 63 grade.

He claimed that the movie was very forgettable and could be thought of as an airport paperback. So, that was very much on the negative side, despite the midrange review score. Again, this is not his full review. He might have thrown in some good things.

The movie didn't quite gel properly

Kenneth Turan from the "Los Angeles Times," gave this movie a 50 score. He mentioned that he liked the plot's good amount of unexpected twists and characters.

However, the overall presentation didn't quite gel together like he thought it should.

Joe Morgenstern from the "Wall Street Journal," gave it a 40 grade. He said he got exhausted, trying to watch the film, claiming that there where hardly any scenes that had any manipulative or assaultive qualities in them.

Peter Travers claims it was too flat

Peter Travers from "Rolling Stone," gave it a 38 score. While he said that he did like Tom Hanks, the movie as a whole, was very flat for him, and just didn't offer up anything that would make him give a damn about it.

Lastly, Jason Solomon from "TheWrap," gave it a really bad 20 grade.

He said that the movie served up too many gimmicks, and relied to heavily upon Dante's comedy. You guys can check out the film's movie trailer, below. Stay tuned.

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