Alright, "Hawaii Five-0" fans. It's that time, again, where I let you know what your favorite show has in store for its upcoming episode. In this session, I'll be covering the official spoilers for the upcoming 6th episode of the show's 7th season. I just took a look at them, and they sound like some very intriguing and really high drama action will go down as a death cult captures Kono and Adam! The Five-0 looks into a very strange, paranormal case, and more.

The title for episode 6, sounds pretty spooky

To start things off, lets go over the title for this episode. The producers have named it: "Ka hale ho'okauweli," which apparently means "House Of Horrors" in Hawaiian. So, that sounds pretty frightening and quite appropriate for Halloween.

The Five-0 team tries to solve a paranormal case

With that out of they, lets go ahead and dive into the pretty short synopsis that CBS served up for us. In "House Of Horrors," it's going to be Halloween day, and we're going to see the Five-0 crew, look deeper into a murder of a medium that had a very checkered past.

Apparently, the claim will be that this medium was literally, scared to death by a poltergeist entity!

A death cult captures Kono and Adam

Next, they reveal that a group of people that appear to be a death cult of some sort, will end up taking Adam and Kono hostage at some point. So, I think that will really liven things up with a lot of drama and suspense. We'll probably see a ton of action go down at some point too.

Episode 6 was written by David Wolkove and Matt Wheeler, and Ron Underwood, directed it.

Ok, guys. So, that's all that CBS had to share with us for episode 6 in that press release. I'm quite sure more scenes will take place. CBS should be dropping a spoiler promo clip for episode 6, tonight, after episode 5 airs. If they do, we'll definitely get that posted for you guys. I'm pretty sure it'll provide more spoilery details for this episode, so be sure to stay on the lookout for that.

Episode 6 will definitely air on Friday, October 28th

There doesn't appear to be any delays in the airtimes for next week, so you guys can expect to see episode 6, hit the airwaves next Friday night, October 28th,2016 at 8pm central time on CBS, so be sure to jot that date down on your TV calendars.

Also, be sure to check back, next week, as I'll be right back here to give you guys the new spoiler skinny for the upcoming episode 7. Stay tuned.

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