Alright, "Hawaii Five-0" fans. It's time to dish all the intel for the new, next episode 5. CBS just recently revealed them, via their official press release for the episode, which features the official synopsis. It turns out that some very dangerous situations and dramatic stuff will occur as a gun thief causes a lot of havoc. Adam finally gets out of prison and will see Kono again, and more!

Lots of guns come up missing

Alright, in their official press release, they revealed that episode 5 has been given the title: Ke Ku 'Ana," which means "The Stand" in Hawaiian.

They start off, revealing in all caps, that a cache of guns will turn up stolen from a gun range at some point. This will, of course, prompt the Five-0 team to launch an investigation into it.

Adam gets set free from prison

Then later on, we're going to see the Five-0 crew, find out that whoever stole the guns, is going to attempt to make a statement about gun violence that could turn out to be very life-threatening and deliver up an extremely dramatic turn of events. Then to conclude the spoiler intel for this episode, they revealed that we're also going to see Adam finally get let out of prison, and he will reunite with Kono!

Alright, so that's all they gave for that episode. It sounds like there will be plenty of drama, taking place to fill up the hour minus commercial breaks. It's currently scheduled to air next Friday night, October 21st, 2016 at 8pm central time, so be sure to mark that date down on your TV calendars. Episode 5 was written by Jason Gavin and Derek, and Bobby Roth handled the directorial duties for it.

A new bonus spoiler for episode 6 was revealed

One more thing. I do have a bonus spoiler teaser for you guys. It's in reference to the upcoming episode 6. I've been informed that it's labeled, "Ka Hale Ho'Okauweli," which means "House of Horrors" in Hawaiian. As for the synopsis, I was able to get one, small spoiler scoop for it. It turns out that we're going to see the death of a medium, raise a lot of suspicion, which will raise a new investigation for the Five-0 team.

Episode 6 is currently scheduled to hit the airwaves on Friday night, October 28th, 2016 at 8pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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