Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" fans. Welcome to the end of the week. I've got some pretty juicy spoiler scoops to share with you guys for the upcoming Monday, October 31st, 2016 episode, thanks to a couple of sources. After taking a look at these scoops, I can confirm that you guys will be in for some heavy drama as Hope's murderous secret finally gets out,causing Hope, Rafe and Roman to totally get stunned. Ciara also finds out about the devastating Hope secret, and more!

Hope's Stefano murder secret gets leaked somehow

Ok, so now that my little intro is out of the way, lets go right on ahead and dive into these brief, October 31st spoiler teasers. It turns out that Hope's big secret of killing Stefano Dimera is going to finally get out, somehow, and it's going to have Hope, Rafe and Roman, totally reeling over it! They didn't reveal how this devastating secret got leaked. They just that it gets leaked, and all hell is about to break loose! So, definitely look for some crazy drama to take place with that whole situation.

Ciara also finds out Hope's shocking secret

Next, we learn, that in this episode, Hope's daughter, Ciara Brady, is going to get the news of her Mother's heinous act, delivered to her by Jennifer at some point. They say, it's Jennifer's reaction that will give it away. So, it sounds like maybe Ciara will question Jennifer about it and get some sort of telling reaction from her. Whatever the case, that should make for a very interesting and dramatic scene.

Be on the lookout for that.

Ok, so that's all we've got for the October 31st episode, right now, but we expect NBC to serve up a spoiler promo clip for the episode later on today. It's sure to reveal some additional intel about the episode, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

An intense bonus spoiler for you guys

Also, we do have a little bonus spoiler scoop for you guys. Sometime, later in the week, we're going to see a scene that involves Stefano's son, Chad Dimera, getting all up in Hope's face to confront her about why she killed Stefano!

So, that should definitely be an extremely intense scene.

Additionally, be sure to check back as I'm working on getting all the spoilers up for the entire October 31st - November 4th week. I should have them up by Monday, so stay tuned.

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