Alright, "Chicago Fire" fans. I've got couple of good spoilers to share with you as NBC revealed the official synopsis for the upcoming 4th episode of the show's 5th season. I just got a chance to take a look at them, and they sound like we'll see some more intense drama takes place as Casey gets into a really sticky situation when an acid tank gets pierced! Extreme measures have to get taken in order to resolve the situation ,and more!

Episode 4 has a semi-positive title

To start things off, let me just give you the title of this episode real quick.

The producers have decided to name it: "Nobody Else Is Dying Today." It sounds like a semi-positive message as it does imply that some people have died, but no one else is dying.

A life threatening acid spill takes place

Anyways, now that I've gotten my little introduction out of the way. Lets go ahead, and dig right into these new, official spoilers that NBC was so kind enough to share with us. It turns out that we're going to see Casey get into some big, big trouble when he gets caught up in a life threatening situation that takes place at a warehouse.

Apparently, Casey is at this warehouse as part of his Alderman's duties. Eventually, a very dangerous acid spill takes place when a forklift accidentally pierces one of the acid storage tanks!

Casey resorts to extreme measures

Next, we learn that Casey is going to have to use some very extreme measures in an effort to help a father and daughter that is put in extreme danger in this acid spill situation!

Brett and Dawson help out an old lady

From there, it's revealed that an old lady that has a very complicated senior advocate, will prompt Brett and Dawson to respond to her situation.

Otis goes on a weird expedition that he's very excited about

Then, we'll see Brett and Mouch continue to keep up, putting in all the work for their secret project. They also tell us that Otis will be getting himself prepped to go on a very strange expedition.

He will be very excited about it. So much so that he'll be compelled to tell somebody about it. Guest stars for this episode, will be actress: Amy Morton.

Alright guys. So, that's all the official spoiler scoops that NBC would share about this episode. However, they should be releasing a new promo/spoiler clip after episode 3 airs tonight. It will certainly reveal more intel about episode 4, so you'll definitely want to be on the lookout for that.

Episode 4 is airing next week

Also, the press release did confirm that you guys can expect to see this episode air next week, Tuesday night, November 1st, 2016 at 9pm central time on NBC, so be sure to mark that down on your TV schedules or program it into your DVRs, or what ever.

I'll be back, next week, to give you guys the official skinny on what's going down in the new episode 5, so be sure to check back for that, and stay tuned.

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