Yesterday afternoon, CBS dropped this new, promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "Bold And The Beautiful" episode that's due to hit the airwaves this Monday afternoon October 31st, 2016. I just got a chance to take a look at it, and it features some pretty shocking scenes that go down between Zende and Nicole. We catch a glimpse Bill and Brooke in wedding action. A serious confession gets made, and more!

Nicole is ready to carry yet another baby

In the first scene that is shown, we see a really important confession get made in regards to Spencer.

Then in the second scene that is shown, we see a really important statement, get made by Nicole as she tells Zende that she's actually going to do it! The "it" that she's referring to, is that she's actually decided to go through with carrying another baby for Maya!

Brooke and Bill at the alter

Next up, we catch a glimpse of Bill and Brooke at the wedding alter. The minister is in the midst of asking if anyone has any objections to their union. I can tell you guys, right now, that this wedding does get stopped by an unexpected turn of events.

We got that little spoiler scoop from the folks over Give them a round of applause.

Zende is done with Nicole

Alright, and to cap off this little sneak peek clip, we see a very angry Zende, telling someone that he just can't do it anymore, and that he's completely done. We're taking a wild stab at this, and guessing that he's talking about the whole Nicole situation. So, it looks like we're going to see even more drama develop with that storyline.

Be sure to check out the new clip, below.

Bill starts questioning Brooke

In addition to that wonderful spoiler clip for Monday's episode, we also got a few other spoilers to mention for this week. The folks mentioned that, at some point, Bill is going to question what the real reason is for Brooke agreeing to marry him. We're not sure if that's before the whole wedding ceremony gets stopped or after.

Either way, some major drama is going to go down with that whole scene. I don't think we're going to be seeing their honeymoon anytime soon.

Zende heads off to Hawaii with Sasha

They also served up some additional intel about the Nicole and Zende situation. It turns out that we'll see Zende, start hitting up the booze and will also turn to Sasha after having a big argument with Nicole! Nicole is going to get even more ticked off at Zende when she finds out that he and Sasha have taken off to Hawaii together. Uh oh!

Nicole gets the chance to back out

Then last, but most definitely not least, Nicole will get presented with an opportunity to back out of carrying Maya and Rick's baby.

Whether or not she'll turn it down, remains to be seen. One things' for sure, it all sounds very interesting. Stay tuned.

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