Hey, "Bold and The Beautiful" fans. I'm back with a few,new spoilers for the last three episodes of this week. I just got the chance to read them over, and they sound quite interesting and pretty serious as Ridge ends up crossing Bill, putting Forrester Creations at great risk as a result! Brooke has second thoughts about marrying Bill. Zende and Nicole start arguing over family issues, and more!

Brooke expresses her wedding doubts

Alright, so with no further ado, lets go right on ahead, and jump into these official synopsis that CBS has revealed.

In the new Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 episode, we're going to see Ridge let RJ be privy to his idea, giving him reassurance that the plan is going to help out his family, a great deal, when it's all said and done. Brooke is going to express her second thought concerns to Donna about going through with her marriage to Bill. So, those are the two, big things they revealed for that episode. I'm sure it will feature a couple of other scenes that they didn't mention.

Zende and Nicole drama heats up

Moving things right along, we have the Thursday, October 27th, 2016 episode. In it, we're going to see Bill be really eager and intense about finally getting to marry Brooke after running into so many stumbling blocks with his quest over numerous years. Then, we'll also be seeing a little bit of arguing drama, take place between Nicole and Zende at one point. Apparently, they won't be able to come to an agreement over which Halloween costumes to sport.

Also, they'll be fighting over some family obligations that were not mentioned, so that episode sounds like it'll serve up some very good drama for you guys.

Ridge screws over Bill

Alright, so to bring this week to a close, CBS will airing the Friday, October 28th, 2016 episode. In it, we're going to see Ridge, double cross Bill at some point, and that's going to be a huge mistake as they reveal the betrayal is going to , not only put his plan in jeopardy, but also the Forrester Creations company as a whole!

Tisk, Tisk. To close out the spoilers for this episode, we'll be seeing Nicole, finally come to a decision about what she should do about the favor that Maya asked for.

Alright, guys. That's it for the official synopsis spoilers that CBS served up. They sound pretty good and intense though. As always, the episodes are scheduled to air at 12:30pm central time on CBS. Be sure to check back, next week, as I'll be back to deliver the new, official spoilers for the week of Monday October 31st, 2016 to Friday November 4th, 2016. Stay tuned.

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