Hey, "Bold and The Beautiful" peeps. I've got a couple of new, short official spoiler teasers to share with you guys for the upcoming Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 episode. I just got a chance to look them over, and they sound like the drama will continue to heat up as RJ gives everything he's got to try and get this Brooke and Bill wedding permanently canceled! Rick starts casting doubts on Ridge's plan. Plus, we'll see some new guest appearances from the recent Big Brother season 18 cast.

Big wedding preparations are made

Alright, so with no further ado, I will keep you guys waiting no longer. Let's just jump right into these new spoilers for tomorrow's episode. CBS didn't give up a ton of intel on this one. It turns out that we're going to see a catering and floral crew, get brought in to help prep the big wedding day for Brooke and Bill.

Guest stars from Big Brother season 18, will appear

Next, we learn that this catering crew is played by some special guest stars as this is the episode that will feature Victor Arroyo, Paul Abrahamian and Da'vonne Rogers from the recent season 18 of CBS' hit, Summer, reality show: "Big Brother." They appeared on the most recent season 18 version of the show, so CBS decided to throw them in one of the "Bold And The Beautiful" episodes.

If any of you guys are a Big Brother fan, this is finally the episode to see them out in.

Rick casts major doubts on Ridge's plan

Alright, so on to the next spoiler scoop for tomorrow. At one point, we're going to see Rick start to bring into question the accuracy of Ridge's new plan, and is going to force Ridge to go over it again to make sure everything is on the up and up. We're pretty sure Ridge won't like that, and some tension is sure arise.

So, get ready for that.

RJ does everything to stop the Brooke and Bill wedding

Then to cap off the spoiler dish for tomorrow's episode, we're going to see RJ, quite busy, trying to do everything in his power to make Brooke think that it is just not a good idea to go through with her wedding plans and marry Bill. The synopsis says, that it will be RJ's last-ditch effort as he is most certainly about to be out of time.

Those scenes should stir up quite a bit of drama, for sure.

Alright guys. So, that's all I've got for you for tomorrow's episode as that's all CBS was willing to give up, but those seemed like some pretty compelling spoilers, and they will probably dominate the short, 30 minute episode. They should really give "Bold And The Beautiful" a full hour like the rest of the soaps. I've always felt this way, and I just thought I would get that off my chest, right now.

Anyways, you guys can totally expect to see this new episode, air tomorrow afternoon, October 25th, 2016 at 12:30pm central time on CBS.

Stay tuned.

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