Hey, "Bold and the Beautiful" fans. I'm back with the brand new spoilers for the upcoming week of October 17th through the 21st, and it definitely sounds like we're going to see some very dramatic and intense situations take place as Quinn takes it upon herself to confront Bill and Liam over favoritism issues. Thomas totally startles with Caroline with his latest confession, and more!

Thomas makes a kissing confession to Caroline

All the action will kick of with the Monday, October 17th, 2016 episode.

In it, we'll see Caroline and Thomas engage in a very candid conversation that ends with Caroline getting heavily surprised by Thomas when he serves up a big confession about kissing Nicole! Caroline will also be quite concerned by the reason that Thomas serves up. Zende is going to tell Nicole that he has feelings for her, and ask her what they could do for a first date.

Ridge tries to avoid a Brooke confrontation

In the Tuesday, October 18th episode, we're going to see Nicole and Zende tell Rick all about their new relationship status.

Thomas, seeking approval from Ridge, is going to show off the new designs to him that he and Caroline have been working on. Ridge will try to avoid some heavy questioning from Brooke when she gives him the 3rd degree regarding where Caroline is.

Ivy comes up with a new plan

In the Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 episode, we're going to see Brooke tell Ridge that he needs to hurry up and tell Caroline about his vasectomy situation, because Caroline has expressed that she really wants to start a family.

Ivy cooks up a plot to try to regain her Forrester Creations job. Thomas will avoid expressing his real feelings for Caroline when Steffy starts questioning him about his close working relationship with Caroline. Lastly, we'll see Ridge get prepped to drop his vasectomy news bomb on Caroline!

Caroline has second thoughts about her marriage to Ridge

On the Thursday, October 20th, 2016 episode, Ridge's vasectomy news will, no doubt, cause Caroline to rethink how she feels about their marriage.

Quinn will get highly upset after Wyatt tells her that Bill rejected his idea for a new fashion house. Ivy will eagerly await to see if Steffy lets her back onboard to work for the company. We're also going to see a big confrontation take place between Quinn and Bill!

Liam gets startled by Steffy's current attitude

In the Friday, October 21st, 2016 episode, the week will conclude by showing us Quinn, serving up a big interrogation session to Bill, asking him if he really loves Wyatt! Then we'll see Bill actually tell her what's really going on with his favoritism issues. Liam will get shocked by Steffy's attitude that she has about Caroline and Ridge's union.

Quinn even interrogates Liam

Quinn will continue her path of questioning by confronting Liam about Bill's favoritism of him. Then last, but definitely not least, Thomas will get over his recent heartbreak, somehow.

Alright, guys. So, as you can see. You have a full week of more drama to look forward to. I'll see you back here next week, to deliver the spoilers for the week of October 24th. Stay tuned.

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