Hey, "Big Bang Theory" peeps. I'm guessing you showed up here, because you were trying to tune in to see the new episode 6 of your favorite show, tonight. If that's the case, you're in luck as I do have all the intel on that for you guys. Actually, this is a thing that CBS does every year with the show, where they bump it back to Thursday nights when the "Thursday Night Football" show schedule comes to a close.

The explanation for the time slot jump

At the beginning of the Fall season, CBS moves the show to a Monday night time slot, because they don't want to wait until late October to start airing the new season of this ratings gem.

Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursday nights

So,right now, they're just moving the show back to it's usual Thursday nights, which means the show is skipping this Monday night, because it's going to start it's new schedule this Thursday night, October 27th, 2017 at 7pm central time, so be sure to make note of that date on your TV schedules. Program it into your DVRs, or whatever.

CBS is airing a different show tonight

Tonight's 7pm central time slot, is going to be filled with a new episode of "Kevin Can Wait." If you like that show, you might still want to tune into CBS, tonight.

However, if you don't, you might definitely want to make some other plans.

A few synopsis spoilers for episode 6 were revealed

CBS did reveal their official synopsis for the upcoming episode 6. It's titled, "The Fetal Kick Catalyst." In it, we're going to see Amy and Sheldon, try to host a brunch at Penny's apartment. Wolowitz starts stressing out over the new baby situation, which causes him to make very impulsive purchases.

We're also going to see Penny get really surprised when she shows up at the Nuys Comic-Con event, and discover that she has a fan gathering due to her work in the "Serial Ape-ist" production.

CBS delivered a promo spoiler clip for episode 6

CBS also served up the promo/spoiler clip for this new episode. I've included it, below. It shows some really funny footage of Sheldon, struggling to pop a wine cork at the brunch party.

Sheldon is also spotted, getting heavily shocked when everyone surprises him, and more. Be sure to check it out, below.

The title for episode 7 is revealed

Also, be sure to check back later this week as I'll be delivering the new,official spoilers for the upcoming episode 7! I can tell you, right now, that it's titled: "The Veracity Elasticity." Stay tuned.

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