Hey, "Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD" peeps. I'm here to deliver up a couple of official spoilers for your favorite show, fresh from the ABC studios for the upcoming episode 6 of the show's 4th season. I just got a chance to take a look at them, and they sound very interesting, really intense and suspenseful as the SHIELD crew's lives are going to be at stake at one point! The full story about the Ghost Rider's origins, gets revealed, and more.

Here's the episode's title

To kick this spoiler session off, I will reveal that the producers have titled this episode: "The Good Samaritan." Maybe more of the title's meaning will come through in the episode, but right now, I'm not seeing it.

Full Ghost Rider origins exposed

Alright, so now that I've gotten my little intro out of the way, lets dive right into this official synopsis shall we? Of course we shall. Ok, so it turns out that we're going to be shown their version of how Robbie became the Ghost Rider, and they describe it as being downright terrifying! We're not sure if it'll be the exact comic book version. It is TV, and they like to switch things up from time to time. Hopefully, they'll stick with the comic book version or somewhat really close to it.

The SHIELD team gets into life-threatening danger

Next, we learn that Coulson and company are going to get put in a situation where their lives will be in extreme danger. So, that really sounds like we'll be treated to some very suspenseful and high action stuff. This episode was written by Jeffrey Bell, and Billy Gierhart directed it.

Alright, guys. So, that's all the spoilery details that ABC would give up for episode 6.

It's expected that they will serve up a promo/spoiler clip after episode 5 airs tonight. It will definitely feature more intel about the episode, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Episode 6 is confirmed to air on November 1st

I'm not seeing any delays in the schedule for next week, so that means you guys can expect to see the new episode 6 to hit the airwaves, next week, Tuesday night, November 1st, 2016 at 9pm central time on ABC, so be sure to make note of that on your TV calendars and DVRs.

Also, be sure to check back, next week, as I'll be back with the brand new set of official spoilers for the upcoming episode 7! Stay tuned.

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