'Iron Fist' gets official release date

With Marvel and Netflix's "Luke Cage" currently streaming, "The Punisher" starring Jon Bernthal currently filming its first season in New York, and things continuing to go smoothly for the Marvel/Netflix partnership that also includes shows like "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones," it was recently confirmed that "Iron Fist" is next up -- slated for a March 17, 2017 release date.

The arrival in 2017 will make this the fourth standalone series, which will then lead to "The Defenders" at a later date featuring all four of the street-level heroes (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist).

With the massive success of "Daredevil" and the subsequent series that have followed, it's more than likely that Danny Randwill harness not only his chi, but his cha-ching -- as the Marvel/Netflix partnership has been incredibly lucrative thus far, it's a safe bet that this trend will continue its upward movement by the time we are introduced to Daniel Rand in the flesh in 2017.

What we know so far about 'Iron Fist'

First off, though the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel/Netflix universe are slightly different, they both operate in the same timeline and with the same characters. Having said that, the Marvel/Netflix shows also do something that their big-budget blockbuster counterparts have done for years -- include easter eggs.Easter eggs hinting at the arrival of Iron Fist were seen all the way as far back as Daredevil's first season, and as recently as Luke Cage's currently streaming season.

We also know that the title role of Daniel Rand/Iron Fist has gone to British actor Finn Jones -- best known for his role as Ser Loras Tyrell on the HBO smash hit and worldwide phenomenon "Game of Thrones." With "Game of Thrones" having such a large cast and so many storylines occuring simultaneously, Finn Jones was a supporting actor at best.

Now, being tapped to play the title role in this upcoming series, it'll be interesting to see how Jones adapts, as well as how he brings the character of Rand to life on-screen.

Be sure to tune in on March 17, 2017 to binge the first season of "Iron Fist" in its entirety only on Netflix.

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