"The Walking Dead" is favored by millions as an American horror drama TV series that is based on the comic book series with the same name. One of the main characters is Andrew Lincoln who plays sheriff deputy Rick Grimes. After coming out of a coma, Grimes is surrounded by zombies that are referred to as “walkers.” He and his family unite to become the leaders of his own group of survivors in a life amid these walkers. Negan is a villain on the show with the focus to make Grimes and his family his own subjects through a bloody process of murder.

Negan and his “vampire bat” Lucille on the attack

Predominantly in the Atlanta metro area, Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is on the prowl in these hard to watch episodes of blood and gore. Besides the walkers and zombies, watch as two favored characters are fiercely beaten until their heads are virtually unrecognizable. Both Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) are brutally murdered by Negan, using his “vampire bat” Lucille. His message through these severe acts is to let Grimes know just how serious he is to get him and his family as his subjects.

Abraham’s murder was a long time secret since last season and shooting the episode faced many challenges. Aside from the intense performances by some amazing actors, it was crucial to ensure highly technical effects and great makeup that made Abraham and Glenn's deaths extremely realistic. Director Nicotero was pleased with the fantastic actors but felt the need to drag them into this deep, dark place for more realistic effects.

The final words of Negan’s victims

When Negan was attacking Abraham, the victim passes a peace sign to his girlfriend Sasha as a heartfelt way to say goodbye to the woman he loved. Abraham had a creative way with words and exclaimed when being hit, “suck my nuts” before he died.

Glenn, on the other hand, wanted to send a message to his wife Maggie while being beaten by saying “I will find you.” As a respected actor and newlywed, it seemed surprising that these would be his last words to his wife.

It was a very profound statement at such a dark time.

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