On October 26th, "Law and Order: SUV"is scheduled to premiere an episode entitled "Unstoppable." Actor Gary Cole will play the role of a wealthy and boorish man running for President of the United States. The character will be someone who is caught up in scandal as several women come forward claiming sexual assault and inappropriate behavior by the candidate. Known for its art imitates life format, the long running show has a history of fictionalizing real-life situations.

A part of the story is reported to be inspired by a pending civil lawsuit filed against GOP nominee Donald Trump. In the lawsuit, a woman alleges she was raped in the mid-1990’s by Trump when she was a 13-year-old aspiring model.

Although Trump and his attorneys vehemently deny the allegations, a hearing has been set for December.

The law and order candidate

Trump is no stranger to the NBC network having served as the front man on two reality shows: ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ In light of the constant roll-out of accusations, journalists are feverishly investigating evidence of incendiary behavior by Trump during his time on ‘The Apprentice’ and as co-owner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant franchise.

Politics and controversy make for great television

The storyline for "Unstoppable" was created by showrunner Rick Eid and veteran writer Julie Martin. Penning a story political in nature, the pair came under intense scrutiny from NBC brass.

There was a brief concern that delaying airing after the election would be viewed as a politically motivated stance. Sources say the episode has had realignments in story structure over its course in time. The installment was originally planned to air on September 21st then changed to October 12th. Later, it was thought to air the day after the election, November 9th.

However, NBC has confirmed the date to be October 26th, pre-election day. "Unstoppable" will also star Bianca Amato, Meredith Travers, Currie Graham and Peter Gallagher. Time will tell how many millions of viewers will be drawn to this particular episode.

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