An 800-lb Detroit social worker, Teretha Hollis-Neely, was daily attempting suicide and her weapon of choice was food. Ironically, the obese woman was also an anti-obesity advocate. But bedridden Hollis-Neely is walking for the first time in two years, thanks to bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan of "My 600-lb Life,"divine intervention, and a little Detroit spunk. Teretha's 340-lb weight loss after gastric bypass proves that prayer and moxie can beat a serious food addiction.

Just a closer walk with death

After losing her job as a social worker with the cash-strapped city of Detroit, Hollis-Neely, who already had extreme obesity, took to her bed.

Her diabetic husband could no longer care for her and the couple had to move in with their son and daughter-in-law. There, thanks to too-caring caregivers she ballooned to 660 pounds at her last weighing. Those enablers kept feeding her all the junk food she demanded and then some. Her husband says she even ate when she wasn't hungry and Teretha admits she just couldn't stop eating. Finally, she didn't know what she weighed (800 pounds at her highest). She went to see Dr. Now who gave her the sentence--weight lossand gastric bypass or death. And while meeting her maker is on Teretha's bucket list, age 47 was too early.

Prayer and big attitude loses big weight

So weight got her down, but it didn't keep her down.

BecauseTeretha's story is one of a large woman with even larger sass. Initially that attitude was mostly hurtful as she dominated the family and ate herself closer to an early grave. As a kid, it did see Teretha through horrific sexual abuse. But that also spurred a love affair with food to soothe the pain.

The chutzpah really came in handy when she made up her mind to lose weight, get off the death fast track and start being a contributing family member. She grieved that she couldn't be a proper grandma to her grandkids. So she got prayed over and went to work battling that obesity. From 800 pounds, Hollis-Neely got to 461 and probably further since her story aired.

On her Facebook profile she is "Teretha Lifeisaball Hollis-Neely"and therein lies that famous Detroit "don't bow, don't know how" spunk.

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