Watching how "My 600-lb Life" patients eat even after they've had gastric bypass surgery, shows why many don't lose weight. Their poor eating habits stall weight loss because they are eating more than they think. The problems boil down to basic misconceptions about weight gain, hunger and cravings. They also illustrate how a few easy food swaps could literally erase pounds. Here are simple diet tweaks to end obesity for good.

Pauline's pernicious portion control (or lack thereof)

After Dr. Nowzaradanperformed gastric bypass surgery on Pauline, she only shed a little weight which the good doc said was primarily from the post-bariatric hospital diet.

At home, she struggled and made excuses that it was because she was eating salad which was a little disingenuous. Dr. Now does tell patients not to fill up on salad because then they don't have room for necessary protein. But he also pushes veggies. Pauline could have added almonds, nuts and seeds like sunflower or chia, lean grilled turkey or chicken breast, cooked egg whites, garbanzo beans, quinoa and had a protein feast and weight loss.

Meanwhile back at the ranch

So good that Pauline was eating vegetables but she bathed them in salad dressing. If she'd used portion control and measured the dressing, she'd see how much a serving size isn't. She could also swap regular salad dressing for light ketogenic lowfat ones.

Hidden Valley and Bolthouse Farms make amazing Greek yogurt dressings with a quarter of the calories and protein. A little counting calories and weight lossin inevitable.

Melissa's hungry tummy tamers

Melissa Morris was one of the "My 600-lb Life" star pupils but fixing food for kids derailed her weight loss.

The food she fixed them was the problem. Instead of white bread cheese sandwiches fried in butter, she could make PB2 and fruit sammies. PB2 has a quarter the calories of peanut butter and all the protein. Trade jam for fruit and white bread for 35-calorie per slice whole grain light bread. Swap to light margarine with Greek yogurt.

Make breadless sandwiches using romaine lettuce. Use grilled salmon and avocado for protein. Serve crudites (raw veggies) and lowfat dressing or homemade hummus (black beans, lemon juice, oregano, garlic and tahini--omit olive oil to save calories).

Olivia's cravings control food swaps

Miss Olivia rocked massive weight loss on the show, but struggled with intense food cravings. Her breakfast of raisin toast was problematic. Raisins have little bang for their tons of sugar and calories. For a more filling protein breakfast, choose low carb, ketogenic meals: oatmeal, egg whites, turkey bacon, nut and seed spreads and power shakes. Blend Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, apples, grapefruit, spinach and flaxseed.

These recipes provide natural appetite suppressants and curb hunger with sustaining, high protein meals.

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