On the last season of TLC Reality TV show "My 600-lb Life" Chay promised to be the weight loss wunderkind after gastric bypass surgery. That kid was on a fast track to thin but his train got off course when he revealed he was transgender. Now blaming, excuse-making Lola has derailed not only gender reassignment surgery, but also weight loss. Can Lola rediscover that mojo she exuded earlier?

Chay had it, Lola lost it.

Chay was full of willpower, losing the requisite weight to allow Dr. Nowzaradan to safely perform bariatric surgery.

After surgery he was aggressive about his desire to shed pounds and did. As one of the show's most articulate patients, Chay was more than capable of self-advocacy and doing the work necessary to beat obesity. He showed promise that one day he's be able to break free not only of obesity but also the selfishness and immaturity that so often goes with it. It looked like he might even follow in alumnus Melissa Morris who now works with Dr. Now. But all that changed as LGBT Lola.

Was transgender a cover for failed weight loss?

When Chay came out as Lola to the family, she knew LGBT wouldn't be well-received. She got a lot of support from lesbian friends and other pals but the aunt and uncle weren't pleased. These were also the people who had helped Chay through gastric bypass and assisted him when he was obese. But with the dress and lipstick, Lola donned an attitude of wounded self-pity and blame.

She started gaining weight ostensibly from comfort eating over family rejection. But could Lola be using aconvenient excuse to avoid admitting that she didn't really want to lose weight? More likely grief over losing a beloved grandma sent Chay back to the comfort of food. But the result is the same regardless of reason.

Can Lola find what Chay lost?

Without significant weight loss, Lola can't have gender reassignment surgery.

She proclaims to want it more than anything but then won't keep at the diet. Could she be keeping the sex changeat bay as a reason to keep eating? Could the frustration with family be more excuse-making? This blaming seems out of character. Chay's story showed a person whoaccepted responsibility. He admitted that he should have stuck with Dr. Now's diet instead of trying some fad diets. He was always respectful and polite in contrast toother patients have attacked Dr. Now. Will Lola put her action where her mouth is and continue the good work Chay started? Hopefully because If she does, she can lose weight.

She's proved she's got what it takes. If not, self-pity will derail diet faster than cheesecake

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