"Mukunda Murari", the Kannada remake of Bollywood blockbuster "OMG: Oh My God" was released in India on October 28, 2016. With Upendra and Kichcha Sudeep in the lead roles, the film is the story of an atheist (Upendra) who loses his shop due to an earthquake.

Even though he is an atheist, he starts blaming God for the earthquake and files a case against god! And the rest of the story revolves around lawyers and the people who take undue advantage of the situation.Sudeep has enacted the role of Akshay Kumar who had done the role of Lord Krishna in the Hindi version.

A remake which makes justice to its original

Director Nanda Kishore has done a fine job through as has crafted this remake in such a way that it won't lose the essence of its original. The film is narrated well so that audience remain hooked on to their seats.

Most of the scenes are satirical, and it will the viewersa genuine laughs for sure. The film finally ends up with a relevant social message, and it will make you think twice about the beliefs you follow.Arun Janya's music has also played a crucial role in elevating the overall mood of the flick.

Watch the audience response in Bangalore:

Elegant performance from the lead stars

The lead starsUpendra and Sudeep have done an exceptional performance in this flick. Upendra as the shop owner portrayed a subtle act, while Sudeep as always excelled in his respective character.

His screen presence as Murariis awesome, and through this portrayal, the actor has proved that he has the capability to pull off any kind of characters with perfection.

Nikitha Thukral,the lead heroine has also put up a decent show.

Box-office predictions

Considering the presence of two Superstars in the cast, this film will surely make it big at the box-office. The competition it is facing from theatres is also pretty low, and as a result, it will emerge as a profit outing for the producer without any doubt.

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Fans go crazy in Bengaluru:

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