The mothers of Lifetime's hit Reality TV show, "Dance Moms" have always been upset with Abby Lee Miller from the very first season. Whether it was over favoritism or them claiming that the dance coach was setting them up to fail, but usually over favoritism. But now, the mothers of the elite junior dancers are deciding to finally take a stand, distancing themselves from Abby. Will some of them follow in the footsteps of their former team membersMaddie Ziegler,Mackenzie Ziegler, andJoJo Siwa and leave the show?

Jill and Kendall go to their attorney in attempt to dissolve their professional contract with Abby Lee Miller

There has been some talk for a while now of how unhappy Jill Vertes and Kendall Vertes are with how Abby handles Kendall's music career. They claim that the dance coach had Kendall record an entire album and then sat on it for over a year, not releasing it. And now with seeing how many opportunities her teammate, Nia Frazier, has had since she broke ties with Abby as her manager, Kendall is hoping to do the same.

Recently, Jill went to her attorney hoping that she could break her professional contract with Abby. We know for sure that it's to fire Abby as Kendall's manager, but could it also be to leave the show in the hope of Kendall gaining more and better opportunities and projects?

In response to Jill sending Abbya letter enlightening her of what Jill was planning to do, Abby surprisingly gave Kendall an amazing solo routine.

Expecting a negative response from Abby, she was both confused and elated.

Jill was hoping that maybe the letter from Jill's attorney scared Abby a little bit, causing her to give Kendall an amazing solo routine to prove to Jill and Kendall that she was going to find more opportunities for the junior elite dancer and pay more attention to her, causing Jill to start to reconsider. But Abby made it clear to Jill and the cameras that that was not her intention for giving Kendall the solo.

Thus causing Jill to want to go through with her original plans of breaking ties with Abby.

The moms of 'Dance Moms' confront Abby Lee and defend Kendall

After Jill and Abby had a shouting match regarding the issue, the moms confronted the dance coach, backing up Jill's claims and defending Kendall. Abby then retorted, telling the moms that they and their daughters are nothing. Jill came back stating that Abby has been using their girls for fame for the past five years.

It's quite funny how not long ago Abby claimed that the girls have been using her when in actuality, she has been using the girls' names to make her become more and more famous.

With all the drama this season on "Dance Moms," there's no saying what's going to end up happening to the studio, the show, or Abby Lee Miller herself. Will the studio have to close? Will Lifetime producers be forced to cancel the show as more and more dancers leave? Is Abby going to end up in prison? We're just going to have to keep watching this season to find out!

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