Miranda Lambert and ex-husband Blake Sheltonmust still be channeling each other. Both CMA winners rocked big weight loss around the divorce. They've both found new love and rumor has it both couples are expecting. Lambert's pregnancy is probably more wishful thinking but Shelton and his new sweetie Gwen Stefani definitely have a baby on the way and wedding bells in the air. "Hell on Heels" singer is in a relationship with Anderson East and love must agree with the. She's maintained her impressive 45-pound weight loss even after dropping Nutrisystem, with just a few simple steps.

Lambert's crazy-easy diet tips will leave you hungry for more.

Shelton and Lambert "divorce diet"

"The Voice" coach Shelton never did say much about how achieved his some 40-pound weight lossexcept that it had to do with post-traumatic stress from the couple's split. Comparing it to PTSD combat fatigue may be a bit much but relationship breakups are traumatic and stressful. They're also incredibly hard on the ego, as Brad Pitt and Angelina Joliefound outafter severing Brangelina. It didn't take Shelton long to bounce out of Lambert's and into Stefani's bed.

And since that hookup, Shelton has been looking a little sleeker. Lambert meanwhile has continued her leaner look with a sensible maintenance diet.

Swapping out Nutrisystem

The country music sweetheart was never obeseby any means but she was pleasingly plump. In order to shed pounds, Lambert tried the Nutrisytemwhich features expensive home delivered meals with the calorie countingandportion control done for you.

The idea is great for busy, on-the-go folks who can afford it. But the sameness of meals can get, as Lambert found, a tad ho-hum. So Miranda swapped the mail-order meals for tweaks of her own.

Little food swaps lose big weight

The 32-year-old Lambert found that making simple changes paid off. One of the food swaps she made was to trade bacon and eggs for a more fat burning, high fiber whole food breakfast.

Research shows that eating protein and fiber fruit shakes burns fat and curbs hunger to drop pounds. A simple recipe is: half cup Greek yogurt, half cup strawberries, half cup of blueberries, chia seed, kale and almond milk to blend. For about 200 calories these power shakes keep you going for hours. Lambert says she still yo-yos and always will due to a Cheetos-and-vodka love. But now she knows what to do in order to get out of the weight gain rut.

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