Is there a real-life "Micky and Maude" in Hollywood? Perhaps, if rumors are true that Miranda Lambert is pregnant with boyfriend Anderson East while Lambert's ex-husband Blake Shelton and his girlfriend are also expecting. Is it too much coincidence to hope for? More likely, the rumors are just that. But Lambert did cancel all upcoming "Keeper of the Flame" concert tours to rest her voice. At least that's what she says. If it is just speculation, it's a little unfair to Lambert given the divorcejust happened last year.

(Ex) wife and girlfriend pregnant at once?

This would be the first child for country music sensation Miranda Lambert, if she was pregnant.

At 32, she's ready to start a family and in a happy relationship now. Scuttlebutt has it that being unmarried and pregnant is not something Lambert is comfortable with, and she's going incognito so as to hurry up and tie the knot. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are making their way to the altar before their reported bundle arrives. But the Shelton-Stefani pregnancy is for real and it could just be tabloid wishful sympathy for Lambert and East. Remember how every time Brangelinahad a child, Brad Pitt ex Jennifer Aniston was rumored to be expecting too?

Stefani pregnancy slap in the face?

It's kind of like the Biblical David-Bathsheba-Uriah triangle if Miranda is not pregnant. After four years of marriage to Shelton, there were no babies (perhaps by their mutual consent, perhaps not).

And now barely a year after the divorce is inked and the sheets cooled, her ex has given his new girlfriend a child. This will be 40-year-old Shelton's first child but it will be the fourth pregnancyfor 47-year-old Stefani. Or maybe Lambert and Anderson East just want to do it the old-fashioned Duggar-type way, courtship andmarriage before family.

On a side note...

Have you noticed the fabulous weight loss Miranda Lambert has managed not only to achieve but maintain? After their split, Shelton and Lambert both shaved off 40-50 pounds each. He jokingly-or-not called it the "divorce diet." Lambert used Nutrisystem but got sick of it and went with the GODE (good old diet and exercise) system.

She made simple swaps like high fiber breakfast instead of bacon and eggs.

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