Miley Cyrus (23) gave an interview to Variety magazine where she talked about her sexuality. The singer hates the word 'bisexual' because she doesn't feel gay. She prefers the word 'pansexual'to define herself. A pansexual person is one who is attracted to other people regardless of their gender. The musician confessed that herfirst relationship was with a girl,something that surely was not easy for her because she grew up in a religious family. 'The Voice' coach is an enthusiastic activist for the LGBTQ community, from there the singer wants to help all those who feel confused with their sexual identity.

Discovering her sexuality

Throughout her life, Miley never understood her sexualityor gender and never felt sure of herself. She felt neutral, but people saw her as a girl. Earlier this year she visited an LGBT center in Los Angeles, there she saw a person with whom she closely identified because that person was male and female at the same time. Strong and delicated, so it felt like Miley. From that moment she began to understand her sexuality and chose the word 'pansexual' to define herself, because she falls in love with a person, regardless of gender.

Love life

Currently Miley is engaged to the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth (26), who managed loving stability. They were a couple in the past, when they separated she started dating supermodel Stella Maxwell (25), but later she broke up with her girlfriend. The pop star changed her attitude and began to lead a healthy life. Now she is avegetarianand practicesyogaevery day. She reconciled with Hemsworth and swears that the pair will get married.

On top of that, they both seem happy with their decision.

The pop star created the foundation 'Happy Hippie,' which helps young people who are confused about their sexuality and have many economic problems. The singer says teens have identity problems because they grow in hostile enviroments and their families do not understand them. There is much work ahead and Miley sincerely wants to help.

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