American filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore's most recent production was filmed over October 6th and 7th, live from the Murphy Theater in Wilmington, Ohio. Post Production was expedited so as to release the movie as quickly as possible. This process was eased due to the fact that unlike so many of his other movies, in "TrumpLand," Moore stands alone, riotously performing a "one-man-show" focused around his commentary on the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

"TrumpLand" premiered on Tuesday, October 18th at New York City's IFC Center located in Greenwhich Village at323 Sixth Avenue at West 3rd Street.

The film has a running time of 73 minutes and is scheduled to have an extremely short theatrical run composed of only a single week. General screenings for the film begin on Wednesday, October 19th at the IFC Center in NYC with a concurrent run at Los Angeles'Laemmle Town Center 5 in Encino.

Michael Moore's activist art on display in NYC and LA

During the initial screening at the IFC Center in NYC, a jovial Moore was enthusiastic when speaking about his latest project:"We're flying by the seat of our pants here;Our goal is to have as many Americans see this over the next five or ten days."

Moore intentionally chose to film his live performance in a place where Republican Candidate Donald Trump had far exceeded Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Prior to the initial screening at the IFC Center, Moore is quoted as saying: “I wanted to do this not in a safe place, but in a place where we’d need a lot of security, which we had.” Clinton County, Ohio, where Wilmington is located, voted overwhelmingly in support of Republican Candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 Primary Elections; the Republican candidate receiving nearly four times the amount of votes as his Democratic rival.

The IFC Center donated the use of it's theater for TrumpLand's premier and the event was hosted by Move On.

During the premier, Michael Moore was his typical enthusiastic and concerned self and his quoted as saying:“I’m filled with optimism, but I’m gonna be busy every single minute between now and when the polls close.

I’m taking this very seriously; If I leave here tonight with people thinking that this was just a nice funny show and that we’re not in any kind of trouble here because Trump has imploded, ... the shit show isn’t over. Don’t take any joy in this, because it appeals to the darker instinct of a country that has made some mistakes, whether it’s voting for Reagan or Nixon or Bush or the professional wrestler in Minnesota.”

I’m gonna be busy every single minute between now and when the polls close

The screening was capped off with a question and answer session which Moore closed with: "Remember, Kaitlyn, we all thought she was gonna go with Nick, and she picked Shawn on the "Bachelorette." Jennifer Hudson lost on "American Idol,"our fellow Americans voted for Fantasia!

I’m telling you, shit happens in America. They thought Jennifer Hudson had it in the bag. Don’t let Fantasia win on Nov. 8!

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