When two professional journalist like Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity knock heads and are at each other's throats over Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, then you know there is one very polarizing presidential election under way. What sounds like a news lover's spat, Kelly and Hannity exchanged some heated words over Trump, which is the last thing Fox News needs today.

Newsroom quarrel

Sean Hannity is so pro-Trump that folks would not be surprised if he showed up on-air with a "Vote for Trump" tattoo on his forehead.

For sure Fox would have something to say about it, as they've already banned him from showing up in anymore pro-Trump spots on TV.

Trump needs to step it up?

Megyn Kelly has had her headline run-in with Trump surrounding the Republican debate. That spat entailed Kelly being accused of using her moderating skills a bit differently when it came to Trump than when it came to approaching the other candidates. So today it appears to many that Kelly tolerates Trump at best.

Hannity creates safe haven for Trump

According to CNN News, they suggest that it looks as if Megyn Kelly "had enough of Trump ducking tough questions" and she decided to call him out on this during her show. While talking about Trump on her show this week, she threw Hannity under the bus as well.

Unsafe places

She conveyed that she is tired of seeing Trump do the safe interviews with her co-worker Hannity.

She said the GOP candidate would not "venture out into unsafe spaces" and grant an interview to someone who may ask him the tough questions.

Hannity peeved

That didn't sit well with Hannity, who has previously battled accusations latelyas someone who kowtows to Trump.When it comes Hannity's interviews with Trump, it appears he doesn't venture into the controversial questions surrounding the candidate today.

Kelly wasn't saying anything that was new to the viewers, as they pretty much had Hannity pegged as a Trump puppet for some time now.

Megyn's advice not half-bad!

Hannity came back with a dig on Twitter that Megyn clearly supports Hillary Clinton and that she was the one that Megyn should be directing her anger at. As CNN News suggests, calling Megyn out as a supporter of Hillary Clinton is like calling Megyn someone who has committed treason over at Fox. That's because Fox News is viewed as a station that is 100 percent behind Trump.

While Hannity might have taken Megyn's observations as an insult to him, she does have a point.

Trump has to play the game and get out beyond this safe conservative place he has confined himself to, especially today as he is trailing Hillary in some of the keynote states.

Strike a pose and make up!

While Kelly and Hannity fumed for a bit, their anger only lasted for a day. About 24-hours later Kelly posted a picture of her and Hannity with the hashtag of "Friends." This acted as a white flag saying they've surrendered and the war is over. As you can see below, Kelly attributed their little spat to their backgrounds!

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