Little Lulu Wright is prepping to strut her stuff with Elle Woods and friends in Texas State's upcoming production of "Legally Blonde." At a whopping 4 pounds, she's paws-itivelythesmallest cast member in the pop-musical opening this November. This sassy full bread chihuahua is making her debut on stage as Elle's adorable companion, Bruiser Woods.

Meet Lulu!

Lulu isn't your ordinary prissy chihuahua. Truth be told she wishes that "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" gave her kind a little more credit! Though herfavorite television show to chill outand relax to isdefinitely "Dance Moms," she's a sucker for 2013 drama film "12 Years a Slave." This pup-town girl can also be caught frequenting her friends' apartment watching HBO's "Game of Thrones" with the gang every Sunday night.

She has no shame fur-ousiously indulging in some extra chewy cheese sticks and swooning to "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith.

As for human friends, Lulu is a flirt! This pupperis absolutely boy-crazy. Once she settles in,she adoresgiving boys sweet kisses... so watch out! Let it be known that littleLuludoesn't think any pleasure shouldbe guilty.

Lulu truly loves her mamma, Maddie, more than anything in the world. However, she's especially close to her best friend, chihuahua Punky. Punky Brewster is just a year old witha heart of gold (though some of her buddies call her Ariana Grande because she licks food and runs away!) Lulu and Punky are the Bonnie and Clyde of pups, the rabble-rousers of all canines.

According to an inside source, Lulu once taught Punky how to get into the trash, spreading it all over Maddie's entire apartment, causing a massive clean-up that lasted for weeks. Theywere caught red handed!

The littlest Lu is 'Legally Blonde'

Don't miss Lulu sashay down the runway at the Texas State Performing Arts CenterNovember 15th through the 20th. The musicalis directed by Cassie Abate, choreographed by Kiira Schmidt,musically directed by Austin Haller and features a brilliant cast of Texas State students.

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