By now everyone knows singer Mariah Carey’s relationship with Australian businessman James Packer has ended. However, the reasons for the split seem change almost hourly. The 46-year-old R&B and pop star has denied cheating allegations. Rumors of her upcoming December 4th reality TV series “Mariah’s World” has also received blame. Then there are those pesky “he says she’s crazy, she says he is nuts” accusations floating around. Those in know admit that Packer can be somewhat of an oddball but say he is a far from crazy and folks have been calling Mariah “scary Carey” for years.

For whatever reason, the two apparently no longer are an item after quarreling on board the business magnate’s yacht in Greece this past September.

Allegedly, the 49-year-old Packer dumped Carey over rumors of her cheating and for excessive spending habits. Although Packer allowed Carey to keep her $10 million engagement ring, now comes reports of her wanting $50 million claiming making sacrifices like moving from New York to Los Angeles has harmed her career. Carey also states claims Packer made financial promises to her. Additionally, the “I Am Free” singer states she had to cancel her world tour in South America due to the argument on the luxury liner causing her distress.

Mariah’s world

One source told “E! News” that Carey was completely blindsided by the breakup and learned about it from the media. The source went on to say the singer was utterly devastated and had made life changes for Packer.

A source close to the singer told “TMZ” that Packer did something awful to Carey’s assistant while on board the yacht but did not go into details. Another source told “People” magazine that Packer was not in a mentally healthy place. However, a source in Packer’s camp says it is Mariah Carey who has the issues and it was typical of her to twist things around, adding that Carey has not been acting stable mentally of late.

Hell, has no fury like a diva scorned

Thursday evening, the singer was seen arriving at Nobu, a trendy Malibu sushi spot. The twice-married Carey was wearing the diamond rock on her left finger and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka (the rumored boy-toy fling) on her arm. Well, he was close by anyway.

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