Mariah Carey and James Packer are not together right now. Some people say James dumped Mariah. Some people say Mariah left him. Others say they mutually called off the engagement. Some say James needed a break, and it's possible they will get back together sometimes in the future. No official statement has been made yet.The couple became engaged last January when the Australian billionaire businessman, 49, gave the singer, 46, a 35-carat diamond engagement ring. In the meantime, James reportedly told Mariah she could keep the expensive ring.

Why the couple separated

James and Mariah reportedly separated because of Mariah's new reality show, “Mariah’s World" that will debut on the E! network on December 4. James reportedly has reservations about exposing their lives on a television reality show. The eight episodes of the show will include Mariah's "Sweet Sweet Fantasy" world tour and her plans for the wedding. James and Mariah don't seem to be on the same page about sharing their private lives with the public. In fact, it has been emphasized that he wants no part of her reality show.

Another reason is that their lifestyles are not the same. Even though Packer is a billionaire and Carey has money of her own, he reportedly doesn't like her excessive spending habits. Their lives have taken on a lot of friction and drama recently. James' family doesn't like Mariah and her eccentric ways. The family appears to be glad the two have broken up.

Still married to last spouse

Both Mariah and James are still married to their last spouse.

Mariah and Nick Cannon have been separated since 2014, but he has never signed the divorce papers. James is also still married to his last wife. Based on that, they are not free to marry until they are officially divorced. If they get back together and marry, it will be the third marriage for both of them.

The singer's rep told Entertainment Tonight that the engaged couple has not broken up. She said they did have a fight while in Greece last month and haven't seen each other since.

They are trying to work things out to determine if they will stay together. The rep said they plan to release an official statement once they have decided what they are going to do.

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