"Man with a Plan" marks a return for Matt Leblanc on CBS since his ten year stint on "Friends" as the lovable dim-witted Joey. Over the years he has been a host for "Top Gear" and continued to play the lovable bachelor in sitcoms. "Man with a Plan" will be the first family sitcom for Matt Leblanc.

New cast members join "Man with a Plan"

The closer to the premiere date, the more information has been released for the sitcom. "Man with a Plan" announced that they were recasting Jenna Fischer's role as Matt Leblanc's wife.

CBS sited chemistry issues between Leblanc and Fischer. The role went to "Yes, Dear" veteran Liza Snyder. This is also a return to CBS for Snyder since her role as the brazen and delightful Christine Hughes. The two actors have been friends for years so their chemistry was evident from the beginning. The pairing will definitely be an interesting match. Another role announced was Kevin Nealon, cast in the role of Leblanc's older brother.

A new direction for Matt Leblanc.

The return to multi-camera comedy and the venture into family is a personal decision for Matt Leblanc.

The actor found time to convert the funny times he's had as a parent onto the screen. He wants to tell more stories that relate to his real life. He thought this was the best time to join family sitcoms as a TV dad. He will play "Man with a Plan" Adam, a father of three whose wife Andi returns to work after years of being a stay-at-home mom. He has to learn how to balance more parental responsibilities while running a business with his brother.

It'll be an interesting change for long time fans of "Friends" to see goofy Joey as a dad. Like many actors who are famous for a role, it'll be a challenge for Matt Leblanc to turn his new CBS role into something separate from his time on "Friends". During a recent interview, Leblanc was bombarded with a lot of questions that relate to his famous role, including if he's seen Matthew Perry, star of CBS sitcom "The Odd Couple".

He responded that he has seen Perry and it feels like no time has passed.

"Man with a Plan" is set to premiere as part of the fall TV season on October 24. Are you ready to see Matt Leblanc in a new role?

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