''Aanandam", the Malayalam movie which features seven newcomers has hit the theatres all around Kerala on October 21, 2016. Interestingly, the film has succeeded in creating a decent pre-release hype, and the reason is nothing but the involvement of Vineeth Sreenivasan in the project. The maverick filmmaker has produced this flick, while the reputed L J Films Pvt Ltd has distributed it in theatres.

A movie targeted at the state's younger generation

As we all know, Kerala is very much obsessed with Engineering courses, and to exploit this affinity to the fullest, the director has set the story in the backdrop of engineering college life.

The film is based on the strong platform of friendship, and the director has also blended elements of romance, love and parental care in the overall proceedings. The major story of the film is showcased during the four-day tour conducted by the students during their college life. Many relationships find the real meaning during this trip, and it forms the major crux of the story.

'Aanandam' a feel good story

Director Ganesh Raj has narrated the film in such a manner that it will maintain a light smile on the lips of the audiences even after leaving the theatres.

As promised by the director in a recent talk, most of the scenes in this movie can be easily connected with the audiences.

Even though there is no Superstar in the star cast, this film is loaded with some natural performance from the debut stars. Another major highlight of this movie is Sachin Warrier's soothing background score and songs. Anend C Chandran's cinematography is also brilliant, and the visuals are breath taking.

Box-office predictions

The film is released in 73 theatres all across Kerala, and it is now very difficult to predict the collections of the first weekend, as the "Pulimurugan" storm is still ruling the Kerala box-office.

Trade experts predict that "Aanandam" will emerge as a safe bet for the producer, and it will make somewhere in between 4-6 Crores INR by the end of this week.

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