Maksim Chmerkovskiy won't be back next season on "Dancing With The Stars." The pro dancer waltzed off the competitive dance show after he and Amber Rose got dropped. Did he flounce and bounce? No--Chmerkovskiy and girlfriend Peta Murgatroyd are taking on a whole new dance floor with bigger roles and a smaller partner. So get the tissues ready because Maks' reason for leaving "DWTS" will have you blubbing.

Maks takes a leave of absense

The Ukrainian Chmerkovskiy says working for DWTShas been the best job in the world.

It's a dream come true for a poor kid from Brooklyn. But now Maks has a job offer and it trumps even dancing. The award-winning dancer and his girlfriend Peta Murgatroyd (also a professional dancer) are soon to be parents. And so dad is planning to take a paternity leave of absence from the grueling TV show schedule. Dancers put in 60-hour weeks during the shooting of the show season. The physical exertion alone is draining, let alone the competitive part.

Dancer to dad

Chmerkovskiy doesn't want to be that exhausted father who kids see for a few seconds each week between jobs.

He wants to be there as his child grows and to take on the tasks of parenthood--the monumental, the trivial and the dirty (yes, even the poopie diapers). So much bonding happens in those trivially monumental and colossally menial parenting jobs. The 2 am feeding, diapering, bathing, rocking, singing lullabies and playing--the gestalt whole that is much greater than the sum of the parts. That's the Tao of daddying and Maks wants to miss none of it.

Gone but not for good

The ballroom dancersays he is thankful to have a job in which he can take time off to care for a child. He humbly admits that growing up, his family had nothing but that his parents worked very hard to provide. And now he has worked very hard so that he can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. His role model for fathering is his own dad. But Maksim says he'll still work behind the scenes at "Dancing With The Stars" if they can find tasks that don't keep him away too much.

Because the new little partner is going to lead Peta and Maks quite a dance of his or her own!

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