The “Gilmore Girls” revival doesn't hit Netflix until November 25, but the series is hitting the 16th anniversary of the first episode now and as a result, a fun promotion creating pop-up Luke's Diners is getting people buzzing. The #LukesDiners hashtag is trending on Twitter and everybody wants to know the scoop.

What's the scoop on all the sudden Luke's Diner pop-ups?

As USA Today shares, Netflix turned 200 coffee shops across the nation into Luke's Dinerson Wednesday to help promote the upcoming “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” premiere.

Each of the coffee spots had décor from the show and show quotes scattered around. There were promotional giveaways at the Luke's Diner locations and based on the social media buzz around this one, fans of the show are loving this promotional strategy.

While this is a marketing opportunity that likely could have generated some lasting excitement for “Gilmore Girls” fans, Today notes that it was a very short-term bit of fun. The Luke's Diner pop-ups were only in play from 7 a.m. to noon, so the coffee shop pop-ups themselves are already transitioning back to their everyday looks.

However, from the looks of things on Twitter, the marketing strategy worked pretty well as the buzz continues.

When does the new 'Gilmore Girls' hit Netflix?

The revival of the show will play out in four episodes and just about every fan-favorite character from the original “Gilmore Girls” is returning. The stars of the show have made no secret about their excitement regarding the opportunity to reprise their roles and fans are chomping at the bit to see where things head in the new series.

There may only be four episodes to this "A Year in the Life" run, but viewers have talked for years about wanting to see Rory, Lorelei, and the others one more time to find out where they landed down the road. This is especially key given the turnover and turmoil that took place on the original series behind-the-scenes toward the end of the run. Now, the original showrunners are back to finish what they started in the way they had always envisioned.

The earlier seasons are currently available and the revival debuts on November 25. Just how prominent will Luke's Diner be in Netflix's “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”? Fans cannot wait to find out.

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