The 'Logan' movie trailer is out, in which we will see Hugh Jackman playing his final role as comic character Wolverine. The plot seems to be taking a completely emotional turn with most of the mutants "gone" and unlike rescue and rehabilitate missions in the past, the goal is to survive.

Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine in the new X-Men movie. The trailer shows Logan playing the usual protective role in unusually emotional circumstances. The first movie trailer suggests that fans should expect less action and more drama.

'Logan' plot

The upcomingmovie is set in future in the most deserted setting we have ever seen in an X-Men film.

All the technological gadgets have gone and there is no Cerebro for the older version of Professor X played by actor Patrick Stewart. Apart from these two most familiar mutants, the movie is introducing Sienna Novikov as Laura amongst the leading cast.

Various movie clips show a farm house in a deserted place, where aged Logan is taking care of Professor X, while his clone/daughter Laura seems to be the central plot. "Logan" movie posters, especially the one in which Wolverine’s hand with claws out is held by this girl, also point towards a very dramatic connection between Logan and Laura.

X-Men after Hugh Jackman

Jackman first appeared as Logan in the first of the “X-Men” series in 2000. After playing the role in two more sequels, “X2: X-Men United” (2003) and “X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006), Jackman got the solo break with “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), which in series spawned “The Wolverine” (2013).

His ageless mutant character also invited him into the reboot sequels “X-Men: First Class” (2011), “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (2014) and the current year’s “X-Men: Apocalypse."

Although the "Logan" 2017 trailer brought great excitement to the fans, it is also sad that it is going to be Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie, perhaps that’s why the film also took an emotional turn, so the audience can see the actor at his best.

While theX-Men franchise will continue, it will take some time before the fans would let the replacement actor slide down. Check out the movie trailer below.

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