Lindsay Lohan doesn't seem to appear in the headlines unless something rather negative is happening in the life of this controversial actress. With that said Lohan has made the headlines once again and this time it involves her having an accident on a boat and friends in a mad-dash attempting to retrieve part of her severed finger.

Finding severed finger

There's not much Lindsay can do to shock the masses, but when she posted a picture of her hand with her ring finger heavily bandaged claiming to have severed part of her finger, folks took notice.

She wasn't very forthcoming with all the details leading up to losing a part of her digit while on a boat other than to say she lost part of her finger while trying to anchor a boat by herself.

Pictures of mangled finger

The actress posted a picture of her hand on Snapchat and even quipped that she took a one-handed selfie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lindsay never mentioned where this accident occurred, but news outlets in Turkey are reporting she had this accident while in the resort town of Bodrum, which is in the southwestern part of that country.

Surgically re-attached

When the piece of her finger became detached, the friends she was with went after the severed piece so they could bring it to the hospital along with Lindsay to have it sewn back on. She did have surgery after she was rushed to the medical facility, and it's assumed this was in a Turkish facility. She also made a point of saying that the finger was "ripped off" rather than a clean cut.

Gruesome task

Fox News reports that her friends had the rather gruesome task of looking for her finger on the deck of the boat she was on. The picture that Lindsay posted on Snapchat was very neat and clean because it was after her hand was put back together again. This was in contrast to the pictures she had posted earlier when the finger was mangled and in two pieces with a lot of blood involved.

She said that she almost lost her finger and that was due to "the anchor." Fox reports that as she was trying to pull up the anchor by herself her finger got caught.

The picture that's posted is just a hand, so you can't tell if it's real or not. Since the hand is full of freckles and it was Lindsay's site the picture was posted's a safe bet to say that it's Lindsay's hand!

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