Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the emergency roomon Sunday following a boating accident that left the "Mean Girls" star missing part of her ring finger while sailing in Turkey. While enjoying a relaxing day on the water Lohan reveals she attempted to pull up the anchor on the boat on her own, becoming entangled, and pulled into the water. Frightened and struggling to free herself Lohan claims she was attempting to get back onto the boat when part of her ring finger was gruesomely severed.

Lindsay Lohan undergoes surgery

Lucky for Lindsay the severed portion of her finger landed on the boat's deck instead of in the water. Lohan's boating pals quickly went into action locating the severed finger and rushing both the finger and Lohan to the hospital emergency room where her finger was reattached by a plastic surgeon.

Lohan later took to Instagram sharing photos of her bandaged finger following the surgery and explaining her very dramatic day. Lindsay has been having a very rough past few months, making celebrity news headlines fairly often these days.

As previously reported, Lindsay has recently been involved in a couple of nasty confrontations, oddly enough all over cell phones.

Lindsay Lohan appears tohave major issues with cell phones

Since Lohan's violent breakup and physical confrontation with now ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov, two more cell phone issues have been revealed. Both involving Lindsay, nightclubs, and cell phones. The first incident revealed Lindsay was accused by a woman in a nightclub of stealing her phone.

Just a few days later the shoe was on the other foot and Lindsay was in a heated tizzy accusing a woman, once again in a nightclub, this time of stealing her phone.

So far, Lindsay's public outbursts have been fairly tame compared to the Lohan of previous years who was arrested a number of times on numerous charges, including DUI and drug related issues. Let us not forget Lohan's infamous court appearance where she showed up with her nails all done and sporting the letters f**k you painted clearly across them.

Lohan issues began recently following her split with Egor. Many Lindsay news followers believe that Lindsay is well on her way back to her destructive party girl ways and are wondering just how long it will be before she ends up back in trouble with the law -- adding yet another mugshot to her large collection.

Do you believe Lindsay Lohan will eventually find herself in big trouble once again, or will she manage to keep her tamer side intact?

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