"Saturday Night Live" host Lin Manuel-Miranda took his "one shot" at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during his opening monologue on the long-running NBC series, calling out the embattled business mogul for his recent political antics. In the "Hamilton"-inspired sketch, Miranda strolled down a hall lined with autographed photos of the former hosts of the popular comedy show, rapping a "SNL-themed" version of his smash Broadway tune, "One Shot" and taking direct hit at Trump.

Miranda makes his political opinion known

"In the wall on this hall I'm getting my piece of it, like Miley, Schumer, Tracy Morgan and this piece of ..." said the writer and creator of the hit Broadway play, while simultaneously biting his fist in an attempt not to curse out the autographed photo of Trump on the wall. Trump was a former celebrity host of "SNL."

After brief pause for audience applause, Miranda then rapped, "Never gonna be president, never gonna be president" before continuing his performance.

Manuel's monologue followed hot on the heels of the show's infamous cold-open, which took on the disparaging remarks made by Trump about his ability to get women because he is famous that made national headlines this week. Initially the cold open did not address Trump's remarks about grabbing women "by the p**sy," instead, focusing on the lampooning the boring vice-presidential debate. But a breaking news segment anchored by Cecily Strong took on the Trump debacle as only "SNL" could.

Alec Baldwin slays characterization of Donald Trump, defends sexist remarks

Alec Baldwinas Trump, continued to put his foot in his mouth throughout the sketch, stating that he "wanted to impress the Billy Bush. The only Bush that matters in this general election is Billy."

He then went on to state, "This happened 11 years ago, back when I was a young, childish, 59-year-old man." The skit continued to lampoon the situation by having Baldwin, in character as Trump, stating that despite everyone being against him, the only person he needed was his vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence."I love Mike Pence, I respect Mike Pence, I'll always have Pence," Baldwin stated in character.

After learning that Pence didn't condone his remarks, Baldwin replied, "Mike Pence is a loser, I hate his guts. I call him Puny Pence."

Also winning praise once again for her portrayal of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was Kate McKinnon, who depicted sheer glee as Trump's continuing missteps may lead her to the presidency.

"Saturday Night Live" airs Saturday evenings at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC.

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