Hot Air reports that someone at the Lifetime Network thought it might be a good idea to produce something called “The Young Hillary Diaries” as a web series. The premise is that young Hillary Rodham is running for class president at her high school in 1964 and is running into sexism and other obstacles. The idea seems like one that might care a lame “Saturday Night Live” skit but may be a stretch for any kind of series.

One problem with a depiction of the future politician Clinton is that she was a conservative Goldwater girl during this period in her life.

She had yet to fall under the malign influence of Saul Alinsky and made her shift to the far left. That fact would hardly be a good fit for the narrative of Hillary the feminist heroine in the making.

Besides, the whole idea of school elections for class president was done so much better in the 1999 film “Election” that starred Reese Witherspoon as the hard driven, ambitious Tracy Flick and Matthew Broderick as her hapless faculty advisor. Of course, Flick was a singularly unattractive character, something that does not fit into hagiography which seems to be the intent of “The Young Hillary Diaries.”

An interesting movie about the rise of Hillary Clinton could be made, but it would be a cautionary tale of a woman who traded away pieces of her soul and any ordinary human happiness in exchange for the pursuit of boundless ambition.

In no sense could an honest portrayal could be spun as heroic.

Movies about the rise of presidents who are not named George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln are few and far between. Franklin Roosevelt had “Sunrise at Campobello.” JFK had “PT109.” A pretty good biop of Ronald Reagan is said to be in the works. Even Barack Obama got a couple of small budget films, “Southside with You” and “Barry” that bombed at the box office.

George H W Bush might have seen his World War II heroics on the big screen, but the project never took off. The nation missed a great rise of a president movie by not electing John McCain, famous as a Vietnam War prisoner of war.

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