Hazel-E was absent from Season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" but it looks like she'll be making a special guest appearance right near the end. VH1 revealed a sneak peek recently and part of their surprise was the return of Hazel-E.

Hazel-E makes up with Teairra Marie, reignites feud with Masika

On Monday night, Teairra Marie and Hazel-E will come face to face again, proving that they were able to get past their beef and hopefully be friends again. It looks like she'll be stirring the pot, though, when it comes to Masika Kalysha.

Hazel decides to comment on the ongoing relationship struggle between Masika and Fetty Wap, who was recently on her new song. Hazel-E makes a comment about how Fetty might not even be Masika's baby daddy and that is going to set off a whole new feud.

Things are about to get really explosive on"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" nowthat Hazel-E is making an actual appearance. It was just a couple weeks ago that Masika decided to take a few jabs at her. Fans were wondering if Masika had gone too far when she took several shots at Hazel-E and crossed a few lines by blasting her with transphobic insults.

It looks like both women aren't willing to drop their beef and it's only going to get more interesting from here.

Hazel-E shows up to Season 3 'LHHH' reunion show taping.

Masika and Hazel-E have a history so the upcoming "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" reunion could get real interesting. Rumor has it that Hazel's appearance at the taping was impromptu but that she really wanted to get some things off her chest as far as Masika Kalysha was concerned and picked just that moment to do it.

Does Hazel-E popping up right around reunion time mean that she might be making a comeback for Season 4 of "LHHH"? That certainly would be interesting. Especially if she's willing to talk about what went down while she was in Atlanta with comedian Katt Williams when his apartment got raided. Hazel high tailed it back to Los Angeles right after that incident and has been keeping a relatively low profile ever since.

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