Leonardo diCaprio is set to produce a film version of the early 1990s cartoon series “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” The series depicted five fresh-faced, clean-limbed young people from around the world who had been granted magic rings that, when brought together, summoned a super being known as Captain Planet who then did battle with a number of environmental harming super villains, each of which represented some separate ecological disaster. The series was a heavy-handed work of environmental agitprop with a decidedly anti-capitalist message.

DiCaprio, most known for his role in the blockbuster film “Titanic,” has become the latest in the long list of Hollywood actors who have taken up political causes. His pet cause is climate change, an issue that he travels around the world on his private plane to expound about. Apparently, DiCaprio has concluded that “Captain Planet” has to be revived to hammer the environmental message to a new generation of children.

DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way Productions, has yet to acquire the rights to “Captain Planet.” The project lacks a director, actors, and a script.

At this time the question of whether the movie is a reimagining or a sequel to the series is up in the air. If the latter, the original Planeteers would all be in early middle age. Possibly their children could become the next generation of the ring bearing environmental warriors.

One hint of where the movie is going is the idea that Captain Planet is a washed up has been who needs the Planeteers to revive his fortunes and take up the good fight against the environmental super villains.

Climate change, or as the phenomenon is sometimes referred to, global warming was not a fashionable thing in the 1990s. No doubt a new super villain will have to be created to represent that alleged threat to the planet.

Another question, will the new movie be animated or live action? Special effects technology have advanced to the state where anything that can happen in a cartoon can occur in a live film.

While the movie is likely to be heavy-handed propaganda, it may well be impressive looking propaganda.

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