Rip Hunter and his team of superheroes returned to action on Thursday night, proving that all is not well in the world of time travel. A series of flashbacks revealed that a massive time aberration in 1942 caused the lone Time Master to scatter his mates across the timeline, but, as of the final moments, Rip’s own destination is a mystery.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' loses Rip Hunter

When viewers tuned into to season 1 of DC’s "Legends of tomorrow" the mission was clear – take down Vandal Savage. The series sophomore run will dish out the story in a much more episodic nature, however, and the case of the missing captain is just one of the many mysteries that lie ahead.

“[Season 1] was such a linear quest,so we wanted to unfold Season 2 much more like a mystery in the macro sense, in terms of what our season-long mystery is,” showrunner Phil Klemmer told TVLine, “And even with individual episodes, now that we’re 'time masters' and fixing these things that we’ve termed ‘aberrations’, it’s not always like you know the objective in the first frame of the episode.”

Wherever Rip landed post-Atom bomb disaster, you can bet it is somewhere in the past. Season 2 of "Legends of Tomorrow" is heavily centered on the 1940s, and that turbulent decade has clearly provided plenty of fodder for the series’ creatives. For now, the future is on hold.

“This season is much more about inhabiting those recognizable historical eras,” Klemmer explained.

“We’ll go from 20th-century history to the Revolutionary Era, to the Middle Ages…we will visit a bit of everything.”

Next time on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Next time on "Legends of Tomorrow"the search for Rip Hunter will begin in earnest. Aptly titled “The Justice Society of America,” the Oct. 20 episode will put the Legends in contact with the rest of Hourman’s(Patrick J.

Adams) team. Unfortunately, the JSA won’t want their help.

Find out more when "Legends of Tomorrow" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Watch the promo video for the next episode below:

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