Leah Messerhas been working hard on changing her life around, especially when it comes to her personal health. Leah has been working out, losing weight and getting healthy. For a while, "Teen Mom 2" fans were worried that her depression and anxiety was taking a toll on her children, as they were often complaining about being tired, not sleeping enough and not getting breakfast before school.According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now proving that her hard work is paying off and her daughters are even noticing a change at home.

Messer recently posted a picture on Instagram, which revealed that Aleeah just needs love in her life.

Leah Messer’s girlsays love is all that matters

Messer's daughter had written up a letter for her homework assignment, sharing that she has her family, her dog, her sisters, her father, Miranda, and her mother. She ended the letter by saying that all she needs is love in her life.

"Love is all that cares/counts" By: Aleeah #Family #Parenting #CoParenting #ProudParents,” Leah revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of her daughter’s homework assignment, which clearly revealed that Aleeah is a happy girl.And it sounds like fans could not be more happy for her.

"Precious! The day that you and Corey put your differences and hurt to the side was the best day for your girls. I bet they can feel the peace instead of tension and anger. Families come in all shapes and sizes. You have a beautiful family," one fan wrote to Leah.

Leah Messer is moving forward with her positive life

Leah has been working hard on turning her life around over the past couple of months.

She recently purchased her first home for herself and her daughters. Plus, she's been working on improving herself by working out and taking some vitamins to stay healthy. And based on her social media posts, it sounds like it is working for her. She's been sharing some happy and positive updates and it sounds like fans have plenty to look forward to for the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2."

What do you think ofLeah Messer's daughter's homework assignment?

Are you surprised that she's putting love first?

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