Leah Calvert has been focusing on herself and her daughters this summer, as she got a brand new house and she’s working on turning her life around. She’s been very active on social media and she’s sharing many of her thoughts and feelings, so when she heard that Kim Kardashian had been robbed at gunpoint, she followed the story. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to start questioning the story and Calvert was shocked that people were so critical of Kim’s story.

According to a new tweet, Leah Calvertis now revealing that she's surprised at how people are reacting after learning about the Kardashian robbery.

After the story broke, several people felt sorry for her, as reports revealed that Kim begged for her life. She wanted to see her children again.

Leah Calvert shocked at Kim Kardashian robbery

“I couldn't imagine how Kim Kardashian feels! & why such negative comments? Some disgust me!” Leah revealed on Twitter after learning that Kim had been the victim of a robbery.

Many people felt that Kim herself was to blame for the robbery because she was flaunting her jewels and her wealth on social media.

Fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld, was quick to say that Kim herself was to blame, because she flaunted her wealth on social media, making herself an easy target.

Leah Calvert’s followers feel that superstar is to blame for being held at gunpoint

Even though Leah thought that people should be supportive, it sounds like many of her fans agreed with Lagerfeld's comments that Kardashian herself was to blame for the robbery.

“How can she travel without security and millions in jewelry. Makes no sense. Just stupid,” one person wrote to Calvert, sharing that Kim herself had been at fault for the robbery.

“Perhaps because karma is a b***h and the way she speaks and carries herself isn't the best...,” another person wrote, while a third added, “she doesn't deserve this but she chooses to put herself out there. Nothing is private with them.”

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