Halloween is getting closer and one of the most popular game videos now - League of Legends, is already preparing for it's own particular celebration. Riot Games has shown some new images which confirm that due to the proximity of the given event, its quintessential game will receive new and terrifying skins, not to say that they are the most strange. According to what we have seen so far, it can see that within these new changes in the game, we have a Teemo become Satan and other new appearances, in which the characters Morgana and Tristana show a witch costume for Halloween.


However this is only the beginning and during the next few days dates we should know other skins that are coming to the League of Legends. We will also receive an unofficial game without the permission of the Riot Games Company. Today, it released new information about new changes that League of Legends will improve on in its new update 6.20. Next, we will be talking about these new changes and the most recent updates in the game.


The new changes and updates in the game

The new patch 6.20, of League of Legends, is already underway, and although the game is still the same as always, there are many things that have changed, especially details concerning the characters and their abilities. A balance between skills, new skins, and a new champion are some of the updates that the new patch brings.

The new champion

Ivern, the new champion of the Jungle became available yesterday for all those who want to conquer the sand with him.

Thanks to its passive skill he is also one of the fastest champions, so it will be the choice of many, surely. In addition, its release comes with a new skin for him called Ivern, (the king of sweets). It is worth to note that the ability to Cho'Gath, (Wild Cry), is now easier to dodge. Aswasknown, before, it used to affect the enemies around him, just when you pressed the bottom (W), and not as when it was used to shoot the spell as the time before. Certainly, with the new update patch, now this ability can sidestep much more easily.


Below you will find a video further elaborating on the information we have discussed here, offering further insight. Enjoy.

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