The writing team responsible for bringing us "Last week tonight" is clearly extremely talented, but sometimes they are pitched an easy one to knock out of the park. Trump could not be easier to hate at the moment even if he tried, and the show focused on all the horrifying comments made by the Presidential candidate during his Access Hollywood interview several years ago. For the main segment, Oliver looked at the problems surrounding Guantanamo Bay, and how this issue could be resolved.

Grab them by saying horrible things

Donald Trump has done many things wrong during the course of this campaign, but during this week, his reputation could have been damaged far beyond repair, thanks to a leaked videowith Billy Bush from a few years ago. During this interview, Trump said some disgusting things regarding how he handles and treats women due to his fame, words that should not be uttered by a decent human being, let alone a presidential nominee.

Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski tried to deflect the attention onto Hillary by saying that no one knows what Hillary says when she is in board meeting with corporate heads and people from Wall Street.

The desperation from these attempts to throw the spotlight on Hillary was obvious and did more damage than good.

Certain officials backed out of supporting Trump, but a few only stuck to condemning his words instead of withdrawing support immediately. Oliver also noted that almost all the politicians who spoke out against Trump used a similar set of points, mainly that they have mothers, sisters, wives or daughters, and they are outraged by what Trump has said.

The host of the show was right in saying that it should not take personal connections with women to realize that what Trump said during the interview was just truly ghastly.

Bay of Human rights violations

President Obama has tried his hardest to close a controversial chapter in American history known as Guantanamo bay, but he hasn’t managed to do that during the course of his 8 year term as President.

Oliver tried to examine the reasons behind this failure, and how this issue could finally be resolved someday.

The biggest problem so far with closing Guantanamo bayis the fact that 52% of Americans still want the prison to remain open. Certain people like Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas even believe that the prison should be used more in the future. Oliver listed all the reasons that the prison needs to be closed immediately, and he managed to make many good points in the process.

The cost of running the prison is tremendous, working up to a staggering $445 million in 2015 alone. Apart from the monetary reasons, a lot of world governments are also against the prison, and a 2015 UN human rights council strongly suggested that the U.S immediately shut down the prison.

Gitmo is responsible for some large scale human rights violations, with several horrifying techniques being employed by the government in order to torture and intimidate prisoners. The justification during these violations remained that all the people in Gitmo are terrorists, but recent reports showed that over 700 people were wrongfully convicted, and over half the Afghans at the base were almost entirely innocent.

After highlighting several more key pieces of information in order to convince the audience that closing Gitmo was important, Oliver made one last point by stating that President Obama was someone the people of America could trust with the keys of Gitmo, but Trump could well be the next president of the country.

For the sake of freedom, and bold journalists such as himself, Oliver requested that the people play a part in ensuring Gitmo closes down before Obama leaves the Oval office for good. You can watch the entire report below.

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