A month can be a very long time when you are in the news business, especially during election season. During the last episode, Oliver tried to convince Trump to quit the election in order to save face, but after returning from his month-long break, Oliver tried his best to expose some of Trump’s worst scandals in order to make the people quit on Trump.

Charlotte shooting and Wells Fargo

For his opening segment, Oliver focused on two massive issues that shook America during the week. The first was the shooting of an African American citizen in Charlotte, continuing a truly disturbing scene in recent years in America.

The local police chief tried to delay releasing videos of the incident in order to protect the policeman in question, a move that made the whole situation even worse.Things went further south when North Carolina representative Robert Pittenger made some insensitive comments about the nature of racial problems in American, and tried to cover it up by claiming that he has several African-American friends.

The show then focused on Wells Fargo Bank and their most recent, horrifying scandal. The bank tried to transfer money from its customer’s accounts without authorization, then opened new accounts without telling customers, and finally charged them a fee on the phony accounts they opened.

According to the latest estimates, Wells Fargo did this with over 2 million account holders.

The show dug deeper into this issue and pointed out that while the bank fired over 5000 people for this scandal, investigations revealed that the employees were incentivized from within the company to commit the fraud. Their CEO John Stumpf denies knowing anything about this fraud, and even if he is fired for this mishap, he could get 200 million dollars in payouts after he loses his job.

Scrutinizing Trump and Hillary

In order to help American voters make an informed decision, Oliver and his team decided to analyze the many scandals that have been shrouding this election season. He focused on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump individually, trying to remain objective about the candidates to the best of his abilities.

When it came to Hillary’s past, Oliver noticed that all her scandals have been heavily litigated already.

The most popular of the lot was the e-mail scandal which resulted in thousands of her mails being hacked into due to neglectful behavior. Oliver then looked at the Clinton foundation and examined the charges of some of the foundation’s donations being linked to economic and political favors. After sifting through the details of both scandals, Oliver concluded that although these issues do not speak volumes about Hillary’s character, they are still not entirely illegal and appear a lot worse than the Republicans want you to believe.

The story was entirely different when it came to Trump, though.

Oliver began by pointing out that according to Politifact, only 13% of Hillary’s statements were proven false as against Trump’s whooping 53%. Oliver spoke about Trump being unwilling to show his taxes even though the IRS has said that he doesn’t need to wait for the audit to be completed to show his taxes. He then covered the fact that Trump and his children don’t seem to be aware about the concept of a Blind Trust, something all political aspirants with businesses need to follow while running for office.

Oliver went on to prove that the Trump Foundation is even more questionable than the ClintonFoundation by highlighting that Trump has been using his foundation money for personal purposes like settling lawsuits and buying art.

He then skimmed over other famous Trump scandals such as the lawsuits against Trump University, using undocumented workers while building Trump tower and an illegal 3.5 million loan from father.

Oliver finally ended the show by pointing out that politicians are like cookies with excessive raisins, but Trump is like an infinite number of raisins showering from the sky. You can watch the entire segment below:

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